Our Mission

Gift the game!

A “gimmie” is generally a short putt that is given to a golfer and accepted as being made, without having to make the shot. It’s a unique golfing gift. It’s a moment of mercy, a laying down of swords, a helping hand amongst friends or even a matchplay opponent. It can be rare -even more so to be gifted a long gimmie. But, when you do receive one, a gimmie is a thing of beauty and should never go unappreciated. 

That’s the inspiration for Long Gimmies and why we’re much more than just a golf apparel company. We’re all about these little moments in golf, the ones that make you realize that it’s more than a game. That golf is about lifetime friendships, high fives shared with playing partners, lucky kicks back into the fairway, and striving to be better at a game that promises to have ups and downs. 

And at Long Gimmies we believe the most rewarding experience of all in golf is sharing it with the next generation and helping them find the joys and driving pursuit of the game. It’s about giving back. Just like a long gimmie to a worthy opponent or a good friend. 

But gimmies, the joys and even just the basics of golf are hard to learn. It’s a difficult sport to get into with expensive barriers such as equipment, lessons, or even access to a course. Most kids don’t have that access and can’t start playing competitively until high school. And usually that’s only because they have a family member who invested in them. 

Golf is too great a sport for this to happen and kids need to start playing earlier. We need better access and more investment opportunities for kids wanting to learn. The future of the sport depends on it. Imagine if Tiger Woods’ or Justin Thomas’ father didn’t invest in them? What if those barriers were too great for them to hurdle? Who are the next golfing greats that just need someone to give them a gimme to be part of this beautiful game? 

That’s why every piece of apparel that’s purchased at Long Gimmies will provide an opportunity for younger generations to learn the game of golf. Working alongside on-the-ground organizations like The First Tee, we’ll give back 20% of proceeds directly to the game, specifically to youth trying to get into it. Join with us in this endeavor by purchasing a shirt, or two! 

Long Gimmies - Gift the Game!

Personal Story

It all started at the Twin Falls Municipal golf course. My grandpa Byron was a lover of the game and would get golf lessons for me, my brother and my cousins. Then we’d go out and play a round with him. I still remember the hot August days, a ham and cheese sandwich that my grandma would make us, any soda after the round, with pink lemonade my drink of choice. 

I look back at those days in fondness. I also don’t take them for granted. If it wasn’t for my grandpa’s love of golf and his generous nature, I doubt I would’ve learned about this game that I love. Starting this company is my way to give back. I’m going to help my kids learn how to golf and I’m also determined to help other kids learn the same and to give them the tools to do it.

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